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How Musicians Make Money Now

18/02/2016 1 comments

Catherine Manners is the Director of Manners McDade in London, a music composer’s agency and publishing company.  Whilst on a business trip to…

5 Alternative Content Platforms That Pay Creators

18/02/2016 0 comments

Getting brands to fund your content either through commissions, sponsorship or plain old advertising isn’t the only way to make money on…

Singapore Web Series Sells To

10/02/2016 1 comments

Regular readers may recall in October last year I interviewed Bananamana Films founders Jason Chan & Christian Lee about How to Make…

The author who plotted a startup with his kids

28/01/2016 0 comments

Don Bosco is founder and creative director of the brilliantly named Super Cool Books, publishers of the Sherlock Hong Series and Lion…

Is working for “exposure” ever worth it?

27/01/2016 1 comments

We’ve all been there, someone wants to make use of your time and talent but they either can’t or won’t pay you….

There Goes My Hero: A Tribute To David Bowie

12/01/2016 8 comments

I had something else planned for today, but then I heard the news (oh boy) and now I’m writing this instead.  I…

The Backing Singer Who Stepped Forward

08/01/2016 0 comments

“I really, really, really wanted to tour with an artist and I accidentally landed a tour with the biggest artist of that…

Your Curated, Creative Calendar for 2016 (SG)

05/01/2016 0 comments

Content and creativity don’t exist in a vacuum, everyone needs inspiration and it can’t always be found through Google.  I am a…

An Investor Speaks: How To Fix Film Financing in S.E.A

30/11/2015 0 comments

Justin Deimen is a man of many job titles including creative producer, investor, executive director of the Southeast Asia Audio Visual Association…

How To Find & Reach A Paying Audience

29/11/2015 1 comments

The Singapore International Film Festival is on right now and, in addition to screening some of the region’s best independent movies, it’s hosting…

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