My name is Neal Moore, I am a content producer, consultant, writer and professional voice over talent with over 15 years experience in TV, publishing, advertising and film across the UK, USA and Asia.

Trained as a drama student, I was the English voice of Fox Kids Central & Eastern Europe for two years but more recently have created voices and characters for the likes of Amadeus, Citibank, Disney, Google, Lanxess, Singtel, Visa, and Essilor contact lenses courtesy of the SPEcial agency…

It was a real pleasure to meet you at the recording of the Essilor video.  Thanks so much for your flexibility and pro-activity.  Your input and initiative were greatly appreciated.

Suzanne Lauridsen, Co-Founder, SPEcial Agency

For bookings call +65 8428 1560 or email

Photo Credit: Ernest Duffoo