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This week I am interested in innovation, the great fetish of our industry, but is innovation always a good thing?  Er…no, not always, as you can see from this list of failures and frighteners.  But what this list also proves is that failure and fear can be the source of a great story so let’s not forget to look in those dark places to uncover compelling content:

  • Would you pay US$700 for a juicer?  No?  What if it could apply four tons of pressure to nutritionally balanced sachets of fruit, that are delivered to your door, to ensure maximum nutritional output?  Still no?  Well done, you won’t be fooled into buying the Juicero, which raised S$120million in VC before a Bloomberg reporter realised you get the same results simply squeezing the sachets by hand: http://gizmodo.com/juicero-ceo-begs-you-do-not-open-our-juice-bags-1794507811

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Written by Neal Moore

Founder Moore’s Lore Media & the Filmmaker Fridays podcast I make content, sometimes for money, sometimes for love, always for fun!

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