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“Berlin Bromley” Film Investment Ready

16/04/2018 0 comments

Following the recent announcement in Deadline Hollywood that bestselling novelist and renowned screenwriter John Niven is to pen the screenplay for BERLIN…

Innovation Is For Assholes

21/11/2017 0 comments

Everyone loves innovation until they either have to do it or, worse, are confronted by it. Why? Because innovation is for assholes….

What I Did With My (Sort Of) Year Off

30/01/2017 2 comments

Just over a year ago I stepped back from my job as CEO of the content agency I co-founded and reduced my…

Is There Any Real Cash In Virtual Reality?

01/06/2016 0 comments

Economies of scale are very important when it comes to monetising content.  Only when audiences reach the hundreds-of-thousands can the cost of…

A Brand Speaks: What Marriott Wants From Content Creators

06/04/2016 0 comments

For 20 years Tony Chow made and distributed TV programmes and commercials so what is he doing running content marketing for Marriott…

Is The Future of Content Unfinished?

05/04/2016 0 comments

Picasso once said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned”.  More recently Kanye West said, “I was thinking about not making CDs ever…

Content Creators, Know Your Rights

31/03/2016 0 comments

The Internet promised to connect content creators with audiences at an unprecedented scale and it has done so, but at what cost?…

EVENT: Monetize Your Creativity in the Digital Age

11/03/2016 2 comments

In association with StoryCode Singapore I am presenting a panel of media industry experts from advertising and content creation, acquisition and legal to talk…

The Business of Being A YouTuber with Night Owl Cinematics

11/03/2016 2 comments

Ryan and Sylvia are the husband and wife team behind Singapore’s #1 independent YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), which has over…

How Musicians Make Money Now

18/02/2016 2 comments

Catherine Manners is the Director of Manners McDade in London, a music composer’s agency and publishing company.  Whilst on a business trip to…

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