Berlin Bromley is an independent feature film based on the memoir of Bertie Marshall who, in 1969, was an androgynous, gay teenager growing up next-door-but-one to David Bowie in Bromley.

A chance encounter with his famous neighbour inspires Bertie to throw off the shackles of suburban conformity and seek out others like himself.

Along the way he becomes friends with the Sex Pistols and the infamous Bromley Contingent of punk fans that includes Siouxsie Sioux, Steve Severin and Billy Idol.

When the Pistols split and his friends become famous Bertie finds himself once again lost and alone but is redeemed when his part in music history is recognised by the era’s leading historian John Savage.

Currently in development with Gizmo Films in London, with John Niven optioned to write the script (see:, the film is scheduled to go into production in 2019.  Here’s a teaser from original author Bertie Marshall…

Director/Interviewer – Neal Moore
Camera/Sound – Mark J. Blackman
Producer – Roxanne Holman
Photographer – Chris O’ Donovan