Headspace is an original comedy web-series aimed squarely at nomadic, creative millennials who want to see their lives reflected back at them on screen by authentic characters in familiar situations.

Frustrated creative Colin doesn’t want to be designing financial reports for a re-insurance company but isn’t sure what the alternative is, until he is retrenched and forced to find out.

After an unproductive morning searching for inspiration from his kitchen table he decides he needs to look elsewhere so joins self-styled “co-working community” Headspace but all he finds there are tech-bros, hipsters and wannabes.

Not wanting to stay but unable to leave (without losing his deposit) Colin finds himself spending more and more time at the coffee shop next door where he slowly falls for a bewitching barista who seems, from afar, to have her life all figured out.

Starring Pam Oei and Gavin Yap this series is influence by Spaced, The Office (U.K.) and Silicon Valley.  Check out the (no-budget) teaser below and behind the scenes pics on Flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mooreslore/albums/72157689814885955.

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Written & Directed by Neal Moore
Produced by Clarisse Poh
Starring Gavin Yap & Pam Oei
Shot by D.O.P. Jeremy Mackie, assisted by Markus Hilgert
Recorded by Riefdy Chrylyn
Lighting Assistants – Fiona, Dhir & Jerrine
Production Assistant – Weetee Neu
Hair & Makeup – Norehan Fong
Photographer – Minghui Yeo
Videographer – Andre He
Offline Editor – Neal Moore
Online Editor – Saravanaraj Thulasi Das

With special thanks to:
Landor Singapore
Singapore Polytechnic