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Everything Is NOT Content

16/11/2017 0 comments

Every year, depending on what “year of” it is; mobile, social, data, whatever, some dolt exclaims that EVERYTHING is, in fact, mobile,…

READ MOORE WEEKLY: Kendall Jenner Gets “Woke”

10/04/2017 0 comments

Originally published every Friday at  This week I have been reading all about trends; how and why brands should use or avoid…

A Brand Speaks: What Marriott Wants From Content Creators

06/04/2016 0 comments

For 20 years Tony Chow made and distributed TV programmes and commercials so what is he doing running content marketing for Marriott…

How To Work With Brands

23/11/2015 0 comments

As I reported from the MDA’s Media Industry Conversation in Singapore recently, more and more filmmakers and other content creators are turning…