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What Does A Producer Do?

09/04/2018 0 comments

When people ask me what a producer does I tell them; the producer is the person (or persons) who collects the Oscar…

Innovation Is For Assholes

21/11/2017 0 comments

Everyone loves innovation until they either have to do it or, worse, are confronted by it. Why? Because innovation is for assholes….

Everything Is NOT Content

16/11/2017 0 comments

Every year, depending on what “year of” it is; mobile, social, data, whatever, some dolt exclaims that EVERYTHING is, in fact, mobile,…

Branded Content Review: Samsung Galaxy “Growing Up”

29/08/2017 0 comments

Regular reviews of branded content to let you know if they’re worth watching. Samsung Galaxy | Growing Up Published 05 Nov 2017…

READ MOORE WEEKLY: Who’s Watching What You’re Watching?

18/05/2017 0 comments

Originally published every Friday at This week I am caught up in conspiracies concerning media, data and movies.  Who decides what…

READ MOORE WEEKLY: Failure Makes For Great Stories

18/05/2017 0 comments

Originally published every Friday at This week I am interested in innovation, the great fetish of our industry, but is innovation…

READ MOORE WEEKLY: Kendall Jenner Gets “Woke”

10/04/2017 0 comments

Originally published every Friday at  This week I have been reading all about trends; how and why brands should use or avoid…

Are Short(er) Films The Future?

26/02/2017 0 comments

I’ll keep this short…  As a business owner, filmmaker and father of one I’m not blessed with a great deal of free…

Are Directors The New Rock Stars?

17/02/2017 0 comments

A couple years ago at the Producer’s Guild of America’s annual LA conference I was watching The Godfather legend Francis Ford Coppola…

What I Did With My (Sort Of) Year Off

30/01/2017 2 comments

Just over a year ago I stepped back from my job as CEO of the content agency I co-founded and reduced my…

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